What we do
Officina Sophia carries out customized strategic research to generate knowledge applicable to its Clients’ strategies. Based on this integrational thinking, we produce tailor-made reports for our Clients, supporting necessary decisions in the present while providing a solid vision for the future.

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  • Brand positioning
  • Corporate identity
  • Brand & Ad
  • Brand & Communication Tracking
  • Brand Experience
  • Effectiveness of Communication
  • Scenario in the Competitive Environment
  • Satisfaction – Strategic Approach
  • Market Simulation
  • Segmentation

Our Background

Officina Sophia was created in 2008 by Paulo Secches, building on his experience at InterScience where for 25 years he applied the concept of “Applied Information & Technology” with his clients and now, at Officina Sophia, goes even deeper into the concept of Knowledge Applied to Business Strategy.

Output of our Projects

Based on this strategic and integrational thinking, we seek to produce reports marked by insightful thinking in order to guide our clients in their present-day business decisions but always seeking as well to provide a vision of the future, of what is to come, so that business decisions are based on a solid vision for the future.